Exchange of Lessons

I will be away on 18 Jan 2013.
Here are the changes in the lessons.


Booking of Consultation

Starting from Week 3, we will begin to have consultations for math.
I have created a spreadsheet for you to book and it is updated on a weekly basis.
Please understand if there are no timings available on some afternoons as there are meetings. If there are meetings arranged at the last minute, I will let you know and see you another day.

Please book early so you may get the slot you want.

Also, please also be punctual.

Thank you.

PS: The remedial for Math will be on Fridays, 2 - 3pm for some of you. I will inform you if you are selected.


Graphing Calculator TI-84+ SE (updated 20 Jan 2013)

The supplier will be coming on Thursday, 24 Jan 2013 to sell the graphing calculator to you during recess. This is the only time the calculator will be sold in school as it will not be available from the school bookshop.

The calculator costs $158 and the payment is in cash or cheque only.
If payment is by cheque, please make it payable to "Learning Interactive Pte Ltd"

We will inform you on the dates soon.

Thank you.


Here are two programmes for your consideration.

 1. Math Olympiad

     - Saturday Morning for 15 weeks
     Please send me an email before this Friday, 11 Jan 2013, if you are interested.

2. Math Italy Trip

    - Mr Ingham has briefed you on the trip last year.
    - June or Oct (not confirmed yet)

    Please send me an email before this Friday, 11 Jan 2013, if you are interested. More information may be obtained from Mr Ingham.

Thank you. Please complete this by 13 January 2013

GCP Trip Sign up Form

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