Thursday, 17 January 2013

Classwork for 18 Jan 2013

 Here's a file which you will find helpful in your revision and practice.

Please read page 352 - 355
for an overview of long division, synthetic division, remainder and factor theorems and also a real life application question.

page 356 provides good exercises, both written and mathematical, for revision.

page 366 requires factor theorem, so you are welcome to try it. Do not be too disturbed if you cannot do it for now.

Questions 55 - 62 are untypical questions, and are for those who love a little challenge.

Questions 63 - 65 are relevant for you and you should try them.

Lastly, on page 358, questions 70 - 82 are for those who need revision on the Sec 2 topics (expansion, simplication) and some of you who have been struggling with algebraic manipulation, you should do these.

Mrs Sin

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