Monday, 7 January 2013

What can you tell about these machines?

Coffee Making Machine

Chocolate wrapping Machine

Popcorn making machine
Tidbits vending machine

In groups of 2's or 3's, discuss and post your observation in this thread.


  1. They use functions to give an output.For example for the tidbits vending machine the coins is put in for as an input and using functions to give an output.

    They dispense limited amount of food.

  2. All machines require inputs before an output

    All machines have food

    They are complex to an extent

  3. We can tell that they all serve a function. They are constructed with use of math.

    - Harriz,Ryan,Lini

  4. By: Kenneth Han, Tan Yu Tao

    They are like a function, you put in a coin like you put in a value and you get a certain value afterwards or an output
    Whenever you put an input, you will get an output

  5. They use function. Functions have an input and output, just like vending machines, where the input are the coins and output are the food/drinks/whatever stuff that are dispensed.

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  7. All the machines has a function that requires an input before an output :D

    -Benedict, Valery, Cameron

  8. Their functions are carried out when criteria are met. An input must be given in order to get an output and usually theres a relationship between the input and the output.

    Harindrar, Chelsea

  9. The machines in the above pictures carry out functions of dispensing/outputting food and beverage for essential human survival, but only after you input/insert coins ...

    Isaac, Ying Liang, Nina